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Part of Your World Book Review


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Ariel never defeated Ursula?

Disney Books has recently come out with the book “Part of Your World” from the series “A Twisted Tale,” where classic Disney stories are written with an unexpected twist. In this book, we experience what would have happened if Ariel never defeated Ursula in “The Little Mermaid.”

This book features Ariel’s friendship with Flounder, her trusty sidekick, and Sebastian, who still stresses out over everything. We also meet a new character who is Scuttle’s curious niece. She stumbles upon Eric and brings back the news that he can still vaguely remember Ariel from years ago.

Ariel now rules the kingdom of Atlantis, without her voice, after her father was taken prisoner by Ursula, who is currently married to Eric on land and wrecking his kingdom. Ariel hasn’t been up to the surface in over five years for fear of the damages it caused last time.  After hearing news that her Father might still be alive, she feels it is her duty to try and rescue him. Upon seeing Eric for the first time, she realizes her love for him is still strong.

Get Cozy with “A Part of Your World”

Get the book to find out how Ariel gets her voice back and see if she can finally defeat the Sea Witch!

This thrilling book is sure to make you think about the classic story in a whole new way.

Have you read the book? Give us your “A Part of Your World” book review in the comments!

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