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Fin Fun Mermaid Tail Types: Finding the Best Tail for You


Fin Fun mermaid tails are for merfolks of all ages, interests, and backgrounds! Let’s go back to the basics and go over our unique lines of tails, plus custom mermaid tails too. Each line has something unique to offer, so you’re “shore” to find the best mermaid tail for you!


a young girl posing for a photoshoot in a purple Sparkle mermaid tail by fin fun

Sparkle costume mermaid tails are reminiscent of Fin Fun’s very first fabric tails. They come in three bright, solid colors with glittering foil woven into the fabric so they shimmer and shine in the sun. 

These are the perfect costume mermaid tails for kids, though they also come in select adult sizes. We recommend wearing them for play and in the bath away from harsh chlorine and salt water that can damage the shimmering fibers. 

To sum up, Sparkle mermaid tails:

  • Are great costume tails
  • Consist of lightweight, breathable, 4-way stretch fabric
  • Have an open fluke for easy monofin insertion and water flow
  • Meet international safety standards


a young mermaid swimming underwater in a purple Fin Fun mermaid tail from the Mermaidens line

The Mermaidens tail designs came after Fin Fun’s Sparkle tails. They feature detailed scale designs without glittering foil in the fabric. They come in nine beautiful colors that span the rainbow — one of which is a rainbow mermaid tail. 

Each design is based on a member of mermaid royalty with a special ability (called a Mermaiden), which is a great start for those trying to find their mersona. We recommend these swimmable mermaid tails for beginner mermaids and experienced hobbyists alike!

Mermaidens tails have:

  • Bright and colorful designs
  • Lightweight, breathable, 4-way stretch fabric
  • Machine washable fabric
  • An open fluke for easy monofin insertion and water flow
  • Reinforced Tail Tips backed by our 1-Year Tail Tip Warranty
  • Met international safety standards

Limited Edition

a girl posing on the beach in a pastel blue and pink Limited Edition mermaid tail

Limited Edition mermaid tails by Fin Fun dive into designs with even more detail, colors, and scale patterns and are available for a limited time. Whether you’re looking for an ombre mermaid tail, dragon scales, or a design that mimics real fish patterns, our Limited Edition line has that and more! They also have a foil finish that glimmers in the sunlight, giving your tail a wet look even when it’s dry. 

Our other tails have stuck around over the years, but you never know when our Limited Edition stock will run out! 

Here’s what you can expect from a Limited Edition mermaid tail for swimming:

  • Enhanced designs and patterns
  • A limited time offering
  • Lightweight, breathable, 4-way stretch fabric
  • Machine washable fabric
  • An open fluke for easy monofin insertion and water flow
  • Reinforced Tail Tips backed by our 1-Year Tail Tip Warranty
  • Meets international safety standards


a little girl holding up her custom-designed mermaid tail next to informative images on how to create your own custom tail

Custom Fin Fun mermaid tails have a variety of options available to you based on your individual mermaid needs! You can dive into a tail that’s made to order with special designs or sizes. Here are all of the custom mermaid tails available:

  • Retro Tails: If you missed some of our previous tail designs, our Retro Tails have a selection of past tails that we will custom print just for you!
  • Custom Halloween Mermaid Tails: These Halloween-themed tails feature skeletal, vampire, zombie designs, and more that we will custom print in your size.
  • Custom Size Mermaid Tails: If you want a mermaid tail that’s sewn to fit your unique size, send us your measurements and choose one of our Mermaidens fabrics. Then, we’ll send you your tail!
  • Custom Design Mermaid Tails: Create your own design for a unique mermaid tail you won’t find anywhere else! Just send us an image of your design on the provided template.


a girl swimming underwater in a blue and magenta Fin Fun mermaid tail with side and dorsal fins

One look at Fin Fun Atlantis mermaid tails will show you what sets these designs apart from the others: side and dorsal fins! If you want a realistic mermaid silhouette with extra fins, these tails will bring out your inner fish as you swim. This line also has incredible scale designs that are unlike any other we’ve ever created!

Atlantis mermaid tails have:

  • Advanced designs and patterns
  • 3D fins on the sides and back
  • Lightweight, breathable, 4-way stretch fabric
  • Machine washable fabric
  • An open fluke for easy monofin insertion and water flow
  • Reinforced Tail Tips backed by our 1-Year Tail Tip Warranty
  • Met international safety standards


a woman posing underwater in a professional mermaid tail with yellow, pink, blue, and white scales

Fin Fun is proud of their advancements in construction and design over the years, and our Elite mermaid tail line pushed us to try something we’d never done before. These tails are engineered for professional merfolks with durable scuba knit fabric and large, flowing flukes. While all of our other tails use our Original Patented Monofin or Advanced Monofin, we created the Elite Monofin to fit the size and power of the Elite tail.

They also feature our most realistic designs to date with finely detailed scales and flowing hip fins in vibrant hues. These tails are perfect for creating memorable experiences for children and those seeking more magic in their lives.

Here are the other features included in our Elite mermaid tail line:

  • Recommended for professionals and advanced merfolks
  • Soft, breathable scuba knit fabric with a vibrant design
  • Wide, flat waistband for comfort
  • Vinyl fluke insert included
  • Invisible zipper tucks into the tail’s seam
  • Hip fins included
  • Available in adult sizes only
  • Hand-sewn with you in mind

Picking the Right Fin Fun Mermaid Tail for Your Needs

No matter where you are in your mermaid journey, there’s a Fin Fun mermaid tail for you. We are here to fuel children’s creativity when they start as beginners and keep the dream alive as they share the magic with others. 

If you’re new, we have so many resources to keep you informed as safe as you experience life as a mermaid. Check out our safety page and our YouTube channel, as well as other fun content here on the The Grotto, and happy swimming!

If you’ve been here a while, leave a comment and tell us about your first Fin Fun mermaid tail!

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