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The Zodiac as Merfolk: Cancer


Crab-walking into the spotlight from June 21 to July 22 are the caring but cautious Cancer mermaids and mermen. This zodiac sign will carry us through the middle of the year and offer stability when many are feeling adventurous and trying new things. But which swimmable mermaid tails would they wear?

Fin Fun Mermaid Tails for Cancer Mers

Represented by the crab, Cancer merfolks are born for life by the sea! They’re not afraid to play in the sand and watch the breathtaking scenery while surrounded by close family and friends. And based on the following characteristics, we have four mermaid tails in mind.

Element: Water

a mermaid wearing an aqua mermaid tail and laying in the sand

Another water sign, Cancer mers are emotional, fluid, and adapt well to their surroundings. Like water, these mers bind and connect nature and nurture it. To show that they’re one with the water, we recommend the Aquamarine Limited Edition mermaid tail for swimming and its glittering aqua scales.

Spirit Colors: Violet and White

a mermaid swimming underwater in a purple mermaid tail

This zodiac sign’s spirit colors are violet and white, the former often being associated with royalty and resourcefulness. The Asian Magenta Mermaidens tail is the perfect tail for these mers as it embodies the kind, caring, and humble healer, Mermaiden Jia. She doesn’t like conflict and has strong bonds with her family and friends!

Ruling Planet: Moon

a mermaid posing on the beach in a purple and mint mermaid tail

Ruled by the moon, these merfolks are vastly different from the fiery sun. They’re emotional and empathetic, and while they may come across as cold at first, you’ll see that they’re full of love and warmth when you get them out of their shell. Plus, the moon controls the tides, so the Lotus Moon Limited Edition mermaid tail will allow them to show off their emotional side.

Lucky Gem: Pearl

a magical underwater shot of a mermaid in a mermaid tail with side fins

Pearls often symbolize wisdom and magic, and if you’re a Cancer sign, you embody both! Your loyalty and love for tradition make you influential in your close circles, and being a mermaid brings magic into everything you do. The Pacific Pearl Atlantis mermaid tail has a beautiful pearl color palette, and the side and dorsal fins will transform you into a mystical mermaid!

Use Your Influence for a Better Merworld

Every mer is different, even if they share the same zodiac sign, but each and every one of you plays an important role in making the merworld a better place. Cancer merfolks, don’t be afraid to share your experiences and your wisdom with the rest of us so we can all grow together!

How do you think we did? Which mermaid tail would you choose for your zodiac sign?

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