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The Zodiac as Merfolk: Virgo


Symbolic of the gods of the harvest, those born under the Virgo zodiac sign are ready to shine from August 23 to September 22. These mers are fantastic friends with a seemingly endless supply of advice, so we strongly suggest having at least one Virgo friend! Once you win over their trust, they’ll be a true friend until the end.

Curious to know which swimmable mermaid tails your other friends should have? Have a look at which tail matches each zodiac sign!

Virgo Mermaid Tails

Virgo mermaids approach life with fresh eyes — every experience, no matter how common or mundane, is like they’re experiencing it for the first time ever. Truly, these mers are as refreshing as a cool dive on a warm summer day. And what better way to express your Virgo side than with these four mermaid tails that match your characteristics!

Element: Earth

a girl lays on a rocky surface in a green mermaid tail with the ocean in the background

As we’ve mentioned with the previous earth signs in the zodiac, Virgos are grounded, responsible, and trustworthy. They have a keen eye for seeing what’s important in life and will work hard to keep it. The Island Opal Limited Edition mermaid tail for swimming is the perfect blend of realism and whimsy for these kinds of mermaids.

Spirit Color: Silver

a mermaid with a silver tail sitting in the sand

While the other earth signs like the enjoy the finer, more materialistic side of life, Virgos are savers to a fault. They expect perfection of themselves and, in their weaker moments, even their friends. They’ll feel like they splurged on the Silver Lightning Limited Edition tail that matches their spirit color, but — like all Fin Fun mermaid tails — it’s the most budget-friendly and safest tail in the sea!

Ruling Planet: Mercury

an underwater shot of a girl in a bronze and blue mermaid tail swimming in the ocean

Like our Gemini merfriends, Virgo mers are ruled by the planet Mercury. If you’re a Virgo, you’re analytical and detail-oriented. Even the smallest thing doesn’t escape your attention! This makes you naturally good at communicating ideas, whether verbally or in writing. We recommend Virgos wear the Bronzed Sapphire Atlantis mermaid tail that merges the earthy tones of Mercury’s surface with incredibly detailed scales!

Lucky Gem: Peridot

a girl sitting in the sand in a green and blue mermaid tail

Virgo’s lucky gem is the peridot, which is known as the stone of compassion, and these mers know a thing or two about that! Virgo’s may expect perfection, but that’s because they’re always on a mission to help others. This stone is always green, so the classic Aussie Green Mermaidens tail is the perfect match for this generous sign!

Enjoy Life’s Imperfections, Virgo!

Virgos can be too critical of themselves at times, so here’s your sign to take it easy and enjoy the flow of the current at times. Life doesn’t always go as planned, and that’s what makes it a beautiful surprise! 

Which of these Virgo mermaid tails is your favorite? Leave a comment and stay tuned as we cover the rest of the zodiac!

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