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Up Your Game with Mermaid Body Art!

If you’re planning a mermaid celebration or just want to look “extra” at the beach, take it one step further with mermaid body art, face painting, or temporary tattoos! We’ve found a few inspirational ideas that you could pass along to the artist or even attempt yourself! Face Painting We love how magical this eye-focused makeover looks! Featuring bold colors, faux gems, and shimmery paints, this vivid color palette is an absolute showstopper and coordinates with our Fiji Fantasy mermaid Read More >>

February 7, 2019

Mermaid Fashion Trends 101

You love lounging by the water and gliding under the waves in your swimmable mermaid tail, rocking your mermaid fashion and style. But sometimes even mermaids need to get around on dry land. How do you stay true to your inner mer-self at school, the mall, or anywhere else away from the sea? Take a cue from celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Kim Kardashian, and Dakota Fanning who understand that the mermaid life does not stop at the water’s edge. These Read More >>

April 14, 2018