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The Zodiac as Merfolk: Taurus


It’s Taurus season, and it’s no “bull” when we say that we’re excited about it. These down-to-sea mers are surprisingly well-grounded for aquatic creatures with a taste for the finer things in life. If your birthday is anywhere from April 20 to May 20, now is your time to shine!

If you’re not a Taurus mermaid, be sure to check out which tail matches your zodiac sign and be on the lookout for our in-depth breakdown of each sign.

Taurus Mermaid Tails

So which swimmable mermaid tails would a Taurus wear? The bull represents this sign and represents all the determination and hard work these mers put into living their dreams. They may not swim as fast as the passionate Aries merfolk, but didn’t we all grow up hearing that “slow and steady wins the race”?

Take a look at the four Fin Fun mermaid tails for swimming that best fit our Taurus merfriends.

Element: Earth

a young mermaid lays on the beach in a green mermaid tail

Just like Capricorn, Taurus mers are earth signs and are incredibly responsible. We recommend the Celtic Green Mermaidens tail as it features vibrant emerald and seafoam green scales that are reminiscent of the beautiful, green Earth we live on. If any mers are going to speak with their actions in protecting the environment, it’s going to be Taurus!

Spirit Colors: Green & Pink

an underwater shot of a mermaid swimming underwater in a pink and gold mermaid tail

It’s an interesting combination, but we love that the spirit colors for Taurus merfolk are green and pink — green for the grounded earth sign and pink for their materialistic flair! These mermaids are disciplined and aren’t ashamed to treat themselves every once in a while. The Deep Sea Rave Limited Edition mermaid tail is perfect to put their flashy side on display with its bright pink scales and glowing gold accents!

Ruling Planet: Venus

a young mermaid sitting on the beach in a pink mermaid tail

Taurus mers are stable because they’re an earth sign, and having Venus as their ruling planet is the perfect combination. This planet represents love, beauty, satisfaction, and gratitude, and pairing it with the patient, loyal, and reliable Taurus creates beautiful relationships (friendly or romantic) with those in their circle. We can’t recommend the gorgeous Malibu Pink Mermaidens tail enough with its bubbly pink scales that are a visual representation of how Taurus mers overflow with love and gratitude!

Lucky Gem: Emerald

a girl swimming underwater in a green and bronze mermaid tail

Some may see the slow and determined pace of Taurus as stubbornness, but they will work as hard and as long as they need to accomplish their dreams! They’re a rare gem to have in your life, and the emerald is their lucky gem. It’s a breathtaking green, and our Bronzed Emerald Limited Edition tail will bring luck with you wherever you swim!

Calling All Taurus Mermaids!

We wish we could go more in-depth into all the nuances of each sign, but it would take us so long! Everyone is different, even if they’re the same sign, since birth charts differ from person to person. Taurus mermaids, mermen, and merpersons, which tail do you think best fits you? Whichever tail you pick, we can’t wait to feel your energy this season!

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