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Mermaid Tails of 2019


In 2019, Fin Fun launched 11 new mermaid tail designs! Do you remember the mermaid tails of 2019? Let’s dive in and take a closer look.

Fiji Fantasy

A girl wearing Fiji Fantasy, the first of all the mermaid tails of 2019.
In a gentle ombre of pink, purple, blue, and mint, Fiji Fantasy brings dreamy imagination to life! It’s no wonder that this tail became a fan favorite so quickly!

Ice Dragon

A girl swimming in the Ice Dragon mermaid tail of the month.
Ice Dragon’s pattern features deep, dark colors you’d expect to find swirling through an otherworldly cave of mythical creatures. Mingle with fairies, mermaids and dragons when you’re sporting the angular scales of this exclusive design rich with jewel tones.

Hawaiian Sun

A girl laying next to the water in the Hawaiian Sun tail skin.
Say “Aloha” to your mermaid dreams with this fiery, golden tail! The bright sun-like colors take you on a tropical adventure without stepping foot on an airplane.

Blue Lagoon

A girl swimming in a pool with the Blue Lagoon mermaid tail.
With a similar pattern to that of the Hawaiian Sun, this tail brings a calm feeling to the mermaid wearing it! The gorgeous blue to purple ombre captures the essence of a real mermaid.

Saltwater Taffy

A girl wearing the pastel Saltwater Taffy tail.
Nothing says summer like some sweet and gooey salt water taffy. And just like the candy, this tail is sure to bring a whimsical and child-like excitement to everyone!

Moon Dive

A girl swimming in the Moon Dive tail from Fin Fun.
Have you ever seen something more magical than moonlit water? This tail captures that beautiful as the waves of blue and purple glistens in the sun or when the moon hits it just right.

Bronzed Ruby

A girl swimming in the Bronzed Ruby mermaid tail.
Just like the precious gemstones that glitter in expensive jewelry shops, the stunning shades of maroon and gold make the mermaid wearing this tail feel like royalty!

Neon Sea

A girl at the beach wearing the Neon Sea mermaid tail for swimming.
Embrace exotic colors in this parrotfish-inspired mermaid tail! This funky tail is sure to bring out the inner-exotic fish in every mermaid wearing it.

Hip Flip

Two girls laying on a ship deck wearing the Hip Flip swimmable mermaid tail. One shows the purple side and the other shows the green and blue side.
Bring out your inner Jekyll and Hyde with Fin Fun’s first-ever double-sided mermaid tail! With rich hues of purple on one side and bright green on the other, you’re sure to turn some heads when you visit the pool.

Sea Glass

A girl swimming in the Sea Glass mermaid tail.
This polished tail features a kaleidoscope of colors including coral, cobalt, and fuchsia for a gorgeous gem-like look!


A girl on the beach wearing the Dragonfly mermaid tail.
Explore the deep waters as a mystical dragonfly in dark, jewel-toned scales of purple with a lemon-lime twist you’ll flip for!

Making History with the Mermaid Tails of 2019

We’ve loved creating these vibrant and unique mermaid tails for our fans this year. Which Tail of the Month was your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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