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5 Reasons to Wear Sea Glass


From A Mermaid’s Perspective

Hello! Molly the mermaid here and I wanted to talk with you about sea glass jewelry. 

Us mermaids are the bridge between the human world and the ocean. We protect and preserve aquatic life to make sure the land and sea are at peace with each other. 

sea glass necklace around a starfish

For centuries, the ocean has been supplying humans with beautiful jewelry made out of pearls, coral, and shells. This has been hard on our ecosystem and we want to encourage the humans to start wearing more sea glass! Us mermaids love wearing these colorful jewels and from what we hear, you humans do too! 

Below you will find 5 reasons why you should choose sea glass over other mermaid jewelry. 

Beach Health

people cleaning up trash from the beach

For a long time, garbage has been thrown in our waters, which has been both damaging and sad for us mermaids. Lately though, you humans have been making great efforts to clean things up! This includes trash removal for both land and sea! Many ocean conservation efforts are making an impact daily, and many beaches are being improved. This is where you can find some great sea glass to use for jewelry! Under all that plastic! 


sea glass upcycled jewelry
Credit: etsy.com

Upcycling is a new word I learned. It means you take something that doesn’t seem to have much value and make it something beautiful. This is exactly what sea glass is ─ created by man and molded by the ocean. There is so much you can do with it! 

Imperfect Is Perfect

Hermit crab on the beach
Credit: unsplash.com

We love that you cherished your moment visiting our beaches and want to take something home with you; however, taking shells causes multiple problems. This includes beach erosion, home depletion for animals and plants, and a lack of calcium and minerals that help the ocean. By leaving those shells alone, you are keeping our ecosystem healthy and happy. 

Coral Preservation

underwater coral reef
Credit: pixabay.com

Coral jewelry pendants are very popular and beautiful but did you know our coral reefs are dying? This is caused by global climate change, unsustainable fishing, pollution, and coral harvesting. Keeping coral alive and well is important not just for the sea, but for the land as well! 

Let’s Clean Up! 

sea glass on the shore
Credit: unsplash.com

One thing we love about wearing sea glass as jewelry is how perfectly imperfect it is. These pieces of glass have been tumbling around for dozens of years to make a beautiful piece of art to wear. There is a wide range of colors, as well as different sizes and levels of opaqueness to them. Each piece has a uniqueness only the ocean can provide. 

In conclusion, we really strive to preserve our beautiful oceans and love that we are doing it together. Next time you wear jewelry, think about how it impacts the environment. When you wear sea glass, you know you are making us mermaids happy. Thanks Humans! 

About the Author

Molly is the owner of the blog Everything Mermaid and enjoys writing product reviews on all mermaid items especially mermaid themed jewelry, fabric tails, and party supply ideas. Follow along to get discount codes for your favorite mermaid items! 

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