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13 Inexpensive Gifts for the Best Mermaid Christmas


‘Tis the season for warm wishes and charitable giving, and Fin Fun has just what you need for the best mermaid Christmas yet! You’ll find the perfect mermaid gifts for your sea-loving friends and maybe even one for yourself without breaking the river bank.

Mermaid Gifts Under $10

Looking for some quick stocking stuffers for your guppies and merfriends? These are perfect for those that love the Mermaidens, their finfriends, and all things ocean-related! (If they don’t know about Fin Fun’s mermaid princesses yet, they can read all about them.)

1. Mermaidens Coloring Book

The cover of the Mermaidens coloring book features Brynn, Serena, and Crystal with their finfriends.

Coloring is just as therapeutic as listening to ocean waves, and it brings out your artistic side too! Channel your inner artist with this mermaid coloring and activity book over the holidays.

Price: $4.95

2.Sea Animal Plush Toys

A seal plush toy sits on a white background.

Every mermaid princess and prince needs their animal sidekick, and our plush toys are the perfect companion for every adventure! There’s an array of sea creatures to choose from, including a dolphin, sea turtle, crab, and more.

Price: $4.95

3. Mermaidens Posters

A poster of Mermaiden Destiny portrays her and her crab friend perched on rocks by the shore.

If your guppy has read the Mermaiden Tales, they know all about the adventures these mermaid princesses (and one prince) have been on. They’ll love displaying these Mermaiden illustrations on their wall to add to their bedroom (start here to create a mermaid-themed bedroom).

Price: $3.96

4. Mermaid Scale Body Decals

A box of shimmering body scales sits on a white background.

Make your merfriend’s makeup routine easier with scale decals! They act just like temporary tattoos and have an iridescent finish that will turn them into the sparkling mermaid of their dreams.

Price: $6.95

5. Mermaid Hair Accessories

A smiling girl wears the Asian Magenta purple scale headband.

Merfolks are known for their effortlessly gorgeous hair. Get your merfriends stylish hair accessories to tame their salty beach waves. The headwraps and headbands come in fabrics that match popular Fin Fun mermaid scale designs!

Price: $7.95

6. Mermaid Tail Makeup Brush

A hand with teal nail polish holds a gold and pink mermaid makeup brush.

If your merfriends are using fishnets for makeup (see this makeup tutorial), lend them a fin so they can do their makeup with a mermaid tail makeup brush! It glitters like a real mermaid and applies liquids and powders with ease.

Price: $6.95

7. Mermaiden Dolls

A young girl holds the Waverlee Mermaidens doll wearing matching pink scales.

If your little guppy likes dolls, Fin Fun will give them the mermaid Christmas they’ve been dreaming of! The well-known plush brand Aurora partnered with Fin Fun to create Mermaiden dolls. Featuring classic Mermaiden scale designs, these plush dolls are a little girl’s best friend!

Price: $9.95

Mermaid Gifts Under $25

If your budget has extra room for the holidays, consider these gift ideas under $25 that’ll make for a fintastic mermaid Christmas!

8. Mermaid Tails for Dolls

a doll wearing a matching green scale mermaid tail and top on a white background

Swimming in a pod is much more fun than swimming solo, not to mention safer! Your little one will love dressing her doll up in a mermaid tail that matches Fin Fun’s iconic scale designs and taking her on a lifetime of adventures.

Price: Starting $12.95

9. Swim Accessories

A girl wrapped in a mermaid beach towel stands by the pool.

Help boys and girls swim easier with Fin Fun swim accessories! You’ll transform their underwater experience with shark and mermaid-themed snorkels and goggles, and then let them dry off with a cute beach towel.

Price: Starting at $14.95

10. Scale Hat, Mitten, & Scarf Set

A girl wearing the hat, mitten, and scarf set stands in front of a snowy background.

If you’re looking for another stocking stuffer, we suggest our mermaid hat, mitten, and scarf set. The simple scale pattern and ocean teal color are perfect for little mers who want to rock their scales and play in the snow at the same time!

Price: $15.96

11. Mermaid Tail Stocking

Two girls stand in front of mermaid stockings.

The holiday wouldn’t be complete without a stocking, and these mermaid Christmas stockings will give your holiday a mermazing flair! Choose your merfriend’s color of choice, blue or pink, and surprise them with a gift that they’ll love.

Price: $11.96

12. Mermaid Apparel

A girl runs on the beach wearing a mermaid tank top and pink scale leggings.

When you’re a mermaid on dry land, you have to show off your scales in every way possible, and Fin Fun’s mermaid apparel is a great place to start! Choose from our selection of mermaid t-shirts with stylish designs and catchy sayings and pair it with mermaid scale leggings. Then, at the end of the day, little mermaids will love nestling into bed in mermaid-themed pajamas.

Price: Starting at $14.95

13. Wearable Animal & Mermaid Blankets

A girl lays on a bed in a blue mermaid tail blanket.

Gift your friends a mermaid tail blanket so they can flip their fins as comfortably as possible. Or, if your little guppy friends are on the wild side, a wearable animal blanket may be more their style. Either way, these make great mermaid Christmas gifts for girls and boys!

Price: Starting at $19.95

Bonus! Swimmable Mermaid Tails

A girl swims underwater in the pink and blue Fiji Fantasy mermaid tail.

Okay, Fin Fun mermaid tails for swimming aren’t under $25, but we have a good reason! Mers would happily trade their feet for fins, so get them a swimmable mermaid tail worth flipping for! We have a vast collection of scale patterns and colors, and they’re the safest tails in the sea. (Be sure to check out our tips for safe tail swimming too!)

Price: Starting at $34.95

Have a Merry Mermaid Christmas!

Snuggle up with your loved ones over the holidays and have the best mermaid Christmas ever! Not only is there a huge selection of gift ideas from Fin Fun, but we also have other ideas to make the season fintastic. Check out our mermaid hot chocolate recipes, and decorate your tree with these ocean-themed Christmas ornaments!

How are you adding mermaid flair to this holiday season? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Posted by Mermaid Coral on November 30, 2020 at 7:26 am

    These are Fantastic ideas for all the Landfolk up there! Down here under the sea we celebrate Christmas to! Things aren’t much different down here so i might be able to find some of this in our markets! Sea you soon! ~Coral

    • Posted by Fin Fun on November 30, 2020 at 8:50 am

      We’re glad you like them!

  • Posted by Talia on December 20, 2020 at 9:46 am

    Instead of the traditional tree, we put up every year a sea-related Christmas tree. Ours has white knobby starfish, gold (matte and shiny) baubles – to resemble sunken treasures -, and gold mermaid charms ornaments we found on Etsy. We have a big starfish as topper. Also, we hang mermaid tail stockings. Our collection grows every year!

    • Posted by Fin Fun on December 21, 2020 at 8:41 am

      That’s mermazing! Now we wish our tree looked as cool as yours!