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An Inside Look At Mermaid U Classes


Fin Fun wants all aspiring mermaids to have the opportunity to flip their fins. That’s why we’ve created the Mermaid University program. Mermaid U classes are a great way for mermaids and mermen of all ages to stay active, be safe, get fit, and have fun!

mermaid tails underwater

Let’s take an inside look at what these four different Mermaid U classes are all about:

Mermaiding 101

Children learning to put on a mermaid tail

This course teaches the basics of mermaid swimming and mermaid tail safety. Students learn how to properly care for and use their monofins and tails, as well as mastering the fundamental mermaid strokes and techniques used when swimming in a tail.

Mermaid Transformation

mermaid sit ups on the edge of the pool

The transformation boot camp is perfect for advanced mermaid swimmers wanting to get in, or stay in, shape! A mixture of aerobics and other exercise practices builds and strengthens arms and core muscles.

Mermaid Aerobics

treading water in mermaid tails

Water aerobics has always been a great way to stay fit, and practicing t­he exercises in a mermaid tail makes it even better! This course focuses on strengthening your body and building self-confidence.

Mermaid Party

mermaid birthday cake

The mermaid party option is perfect for mermaids (and mermen) celebrating birthdays or other special events. It includes basic instructions for new merfolk, mermaid-related party games, and fun activities for anyone with a passion for mermaiding.

Mermaid U Classes Are for All Merfolk

Whether you’re new to the mer life or have been mermaiding for years, there’s a Mermaid U class for you. You can learn basic care and safety, get in shape, and have fun the whole time!

Which Mermaid University class is most interesting to you? Tell us which one you want to sign up for in the comments!

Looking for a Mermaid University location near you? Check out the Mermaid U locator at finfunmermaid.com.

No classes near you? Contact your local pool facilities and tell them about the Mermaid U program or refer a pool at mermaidclasses@finfun.com.

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