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Go from VSCO Girl to VSCO Mermaid Now!


Oh, the VSCO girl trend. You’ve likely seen it on Instagram, Tik Tok, and other social media platforms—even if you’ve been hiding in your mermaid cove all summer. But if you really have no clue what we’re talking about, don’t fret! Read on to learn how to recognize the unmistakable signs of a VSCO girl and how you can take her trendy look to the next level with  VSCO mermaid style.

VSCO Girl on the beach
Source: NBC News

Defining the VSCO Girl

If you’re truly wondering what VSCO means, here’s a quick lesson. The acronym “VSCO” (pronounced vis-co) actually comes from the photo-editing and sharing app VSCO, formerly known as VSCO Cam. Short for Visual Supply Company, this app is much like Instagram, featuring preset filters that produce dreamy aesthetics.

And a “VSCO girl” is all about the aesthetics.

She’ll post and share photos of her trendy, yet basic self within the aforementioned apps—and she may even include a hazy sunset in the background of her photo. This subculture of VSCO girls are mostly teens, though they’re typically under the age of 25 as a whole. But how do you know if you’ve spotted a genuine VSCO girl?

Identifying VSCO Girl Aesthetics

  • A VSCO girl’s style is defined as trendy basic with a beach casual vibe. She’s channeling serious ‘90s vibes with scrunchies (usually around the wrist), oversized tees, puka shell necklaces and beaded bracelets.
  • A VSCO girl’s look is very natural when it comes to makeup. Clear lip gloss and mascara for the win!
  • A VSCO girl’s accessories are highly brand-focused, often including items like Hydro Flasks (adorned with loads of stickers), Birkenstocks, Crocs, Fjallraven backpacks, FujiFilm Instax cameras and the like.
  • A VSCO girl is an environmentalist at heart. She cares enough about the state of the world to forgo single-use plastics for Hydroflasks and metal straws. She is likely passionate about saving the turtles, whales and other ocean creatures at risk.
VSCO Mermaid Starter Pack

Now that we’ve established the characteristics of a VSCO girl and what her look entails, you’re ready to make your VSCO mermaid transformation EXTRA spe-shell with a mermaid tail and some ocean-centric touches.

Be Extra: The VSCO Mermaid Transformation

  • The key item needed for this transformation is of course, a mermaid tail. Surpass that VSCO girl look by rocking a fin instead of Birks. And of course, don’t be just any mermaid, but a Fin Fun mermaid.
  • If you’re gonna be extra, sport one of Sand Cloud’s recycled tees in a size that’s two sizes too big to accomplish the oversized tee trend. We love this company’s eco-friendly products and how 10% of all profits go to organizations created to “keep our oceans clean, and our marine life happy and healthy!”
  • In addition to the shells, check out Pura Vida’s beaded bracelets created by artisans from around the world! Just combine your favorite colors and styles for a rad mermaid makeover.
  • Now add a mermaid-scale scrunchie (see our blog post on upcycling old tails if you’re thinking of doing some DIY with some of your older tails you may have outgrown and overused), and don’t forget some ocean stickers for your Hydro Flask!

One last and important thing. Remember to take a photo of your transformation using the VSCO or Insta apps with your favorite filter! What does being a VSCO girl mean to you? When did you first hear of this term? Are you a VSCO girl? Leave us your comments below (and please share your VSCO mermaid look)!

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