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Disney Princess Mermaid Looks


Do you love all things Disney? So do we!

We were thinking — what would each Disney princess look like as a mermaid? Check out these mermaid looks inspired by your favorite princesses!

Snow White

The Royal Blue Sea Wave bikini top and Bali Breeze mermaid tail and monofin are perfect for Snow White as a mermaid!

Ever pure and innocent in her human form, Snow White as a mermaid would also embody goodness in all she does. When you wear the Bali Breeze Limited Edition mermaid tail and Royal Blue Sea Wave swim top, your mermaid look will be just like her iconic dress. All you’d need is a red hair bow!


Cinderella as a mermaid would wear the Iridescent White Sea Wave top and Blue Lagoon mermaid tail and monofin as pictured.

Cinderella is a prime example that you can be extraordinary no matter your social standing or family relationships. Merfolks don’t typically wear dresses, so the Blue Lagoon Limited Edition mermaid tail and Iridescent White Sea Wave top give off the same vibes as her shimmering ball gown!


If Disney princesses were mermaids, Aurora would wear the pictured deep pink bikini top and pink mermaid tail.

Aurora spent her movie sleeping through all the action, and if that’s not a mood, we don’t know what is. We love her curious spirit and know exactly how she’d look as a mermaid! The Malibu Pink Mermaidens tail and Raspberry Pink Sea Wave mermaid swimsuit top are reminiscent of her stunning pink dress!


The pictured emerald scales and purple bikini top are reminiscent of Ariel's classic mermaid look.

Alright, Ariel is already a mermaid, and her green tail and purple shell top are a classic in the mer community. But if you want the perfect Ariel cosplay, Fin Fun has mermaid tails for swimming and swimsuits in the same colors! Just pair the Celtic Green Mermaidens tail with the Grape Purple Sea Wave top to complete your mermaid transformation!


A bright yellow bikini top next to a yellow and orange scaled tail are our picks for a mermaid Belle!

If you grew up loving to read books, Belle was probably your favorite Disney princess since she values intellect. We also love her golden gown, and you can dress up like Belle as a mermaid with the Tropical Sunrise Mermaidens tail and the Yellow Sea Wave bikini top. Even the scariest of beasts will become your merfriends!


A light blue bikini top and teal and blue mermaid tail (with the Original Monofin) are a great choice if Jasmine wanted a princess mermaid look.

Jasmine is a girl after our own hearts, exclaiming that she’s not a prize to be won. She’s fiercely independent and adventurous, so she’d make a fintastic mermaid princess! The Tidal Teal Mermaidens tail and the Blue Sea Wave mermaid top really capture her mermaid look.


With the colors of the wind in mind, we selected a royal blue top and rainbow mermaid tail for Pocahontas's mermaid princess look.

Pocahontas is one with nature and treats all people equally, and that wouldn’t change if she was a mermaid princess. With the Rainbow Reef Mermaidens tail and Royal Blue Sea Wave top, you too can paint with all the colors of the wind!


Mulan's mermaid look includes a light blue bikini top and blue/fuschia ombre tail.

These mermaid looks get down to business, just like Mulan! She’s bold, daring, and willing to fight for her loved ones. You can embody her spirit with the Maui Splash Limited Edition mermaid tail and Blue Sea Wave bikini top (matchmaker makeup not required).


We suggest a yellow top and yellow, green, and blue scale mermaid tail for Tiana.

Tiana is a woman who don’t need no man to make her dreams come true! She works hard both in her human and frog form, and her friends taught her to relax every now and then too. As a mermaid, we’re certain Tiana would wear the Citrus Splash Limited Edition mermaid tail and the Yellow Sea Wave top.


A purple bikini top and purple mermaid tail is the perfect choice for Rapunzel's princess mermaid look.

Rapunzel uses dreams to bring people together, just like she did at the Snuggly Duckling! Here at Fin Fun, we see and support the dreamer inside everyone, especially the ones that just want to swim like a mermaid (check out our six swimming skills mermaids need). Rapunzel would definitely wear the Asian Magenta Mermaidens tail and the Grape Purple Sea Wave top if she swapped her feet for fins.


Merida's mermaid look includes a Black Sea Wave top and dragon scale mermaid tail with green, blue, and yellow.

Merida teaches us that curiosity isn’t a bad thing and that you have to be brave when things don’t go the way you hoped. She seems like a younger sister to Mermaiden Brynn, so it’s fitting for her to have a green tail. We think the Sea Dragon Atlantis mermaid tail and Black Sea Wave top are perfect for Mermaid Merida!


Elsa needs a frosty mermaid look, so this shiny iridescent top and icy blue mermaid tail are a great fit!

The cold doesn’t bother Elsa, so we can totally see her with the Arctic Blue Mermaidens tail and White Iridescent Sea Wave swim top! She pulls off the icy look with unparalleled grace, and we’re just over here wondering who could make a better ice sculpture: Mermaid Elsa or Mermaiden Crystal.


Anna's Disney princess mermaid look includes a mint-colored swim top and mint, blue, and purple mermaid tail.

Anna is the more cheerful counterpart to Elsa, but she’s not afraid of a storm. She’s full of love and will do anything for her friends and family. As a mermaid, the Pacific Pearl Atlantis tail and Mint Green Sea Wave bikini top suit her!


Moana's warm and fierce look is the Coral Sea Wave swim top and Tiger Lily mermaid tail and monofin.

Whenever we need to muster up the courage to follow our dreams, we look to Moana! We love her spunky personality and cleverness and imagine she’d be a boatload of fun as a mermaid! (Although she’d probably be dreaming of the land instead of water.) You too can take on the waves like Moana when you wear the Tiger Lily Limited Edition tail and Coral Sea Wave mermaid swim top!

Tell Us Your Favorite Disney Princess Mermaid Looks!

We’re ready to settle into a Disney movie marathon in our grotto (and we’ve already got the perfect setup if you want to throw a Little Mermaid movie night) just thinking about these inspiring princesses! 

But which of these mermaid looks is your favorite? When you decide to try out a mermaid princess look, tag us on Instagram @FinFunMermaid so we can share your creativity!

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  • Posted by Joy on December 17, 2020 at 9:24 am

    OM WOW these fit the princesses perfectly! You should do a Harry Potter one! I wonder what they would look like🤔

    • Posted by Fin Fun on December 21, 2020 at 8:52 am

      Yeeeeesssssss! That’s on our list! We’ll make sure it’s up in the new year 🙂

      • Posted by Syrena on October 21, 2021 at 7:07 pm

        Hi 😌👋

  • Posted by Lynlee on December 23, 2020 at 10:09 am

    There is this game I love and I’m sure many other girls do too, its on roblox and its called Royale High. Maybe there’s a blog post idea to do with the mermaid tails and the game?! 😊

    • Posted by Fin Fun on December 23, 2020 at 11:11 am

      Awesome idea! We’ll look into it!

  • Posted by worldpc-games on August 30, 2021 at 2:31 pm

    And yet, in one respect, “The Little Mermaid” represented a backward step in the princess genre. For a film centered on a young woman, there’s an awful lot of talking by men. In fact, this was the first Disney princess movie in which the men significantly outspoke the women. And it started a trend. The plot of “The Little Mermaid,” of course, involves Ariel literally losing her voice — but in the five Disney princess movies that followed, the women speak even less. On average in those films, men have three times as many lines as women.

    • Posted by Fin Fun on September 7, 2021 at 7:58 pm

      Very interesting! Things have definitely changed since then!