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The Zodiac as Merfolk: Aquarius


It’s a new year, and Aquarius mers are exactly who we need to set the tone for the future. We’re counting on you if you were born from January 20 to February 18 to flood the merworld with your inclusive ideas!

This is the next article in our series of the Zodiac as Merfolk to see which swimmable mermaid tails match your sign

Fin Fun Mermaid Tails for Aquarius Mers

As an Aquarian, your symbol is the Water Bearer. You give the world life as you advocate for the good of humanity, including all those who face oppression. Us mers especially benefit from water, making this sign a fin-omenal mermaid, merman, or merperson!

Every mermaid is different based on their birth chart, even if they have the same sign, but let’s go over the mermaid tails for Aquarius mers.

Element: Air

A girl sits on a leaning palm tree in the Tidal Teal mermaid tail.

As an air sign, Aquarians tend to have their heads in the clouds with lofty thoughts and ideas. They don’t always come down to Earth, but when they do, they can make their dreams come true! 

As a mer that loves breathing the fresh air, we recommend the Tidal Teal Mermaidens tail for you. The scales are the perfect blend of tropical teal and sky blue!

Spirit Color: Light Blue

A girl lays on her side to show off the blue, purple, and pearl white Blue Lagoon Limited Edition tail.

If you want a mermaid tail for swimming that matches your astrology sign’s spirit color, Aquarius mermaids should go for light blues and stunning silvers. Not only does it match your sign’s element, but it also has the same energy as your free-spirited and shy yet energetic nature. Our second choice for you is the Blue Lagoon Limited Edition tail with its sparkling silver finish!

Ruling Planet: Uranus & Saturn

A girl sits on a leaning palm tree in the Ice Dragon Limited Edition tail with her arms in the air.

Being ruled by the planets Uranus and Saturn results in an interesting combination. If you’re an Aquarius sign, you likely yearn for innovation and intellectual stimulation under Uranus and try to break the rules set by the authoritative Saturn. You like being free and having fun with your pod!

Uranus is also known as the Ice Giant, so we recommend the Ice Dragon Limited Edition tail for you! Its frigid scales are a great fit for the ever-aloof and emotionally suppressive Water Bearer.

Lucky Gem: Amethyst

A girl lays on her side in the sand while wearing the purple and mint Lotus Moon Limited Edition tail.

An Aquarian’s lucky gem is the amethyst, which can stimulate their already active minds. Under this sign, you care deeply about humanity and will do everything in your power to make the world a better place! Just remember to take time for yourself to foster new ideas and dreams.

Similarly, the lotus flower is a symbol of enlightenment, so the Lotus Moon Limited Edition mermaid tail will embody your Aquarian style!

Choose a Mermaid Tail for Your Zodiac Sign

Aquarius merfolks, we love your ambitious ideas and want to help you bring them to fruition! Tell us in the comments which mermaid tail you have/want to have and which Aquarius traits are most apparent in yourself.

If you like this style of article, be sure to also check out which mermaid tail matches your birthstone!

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  • Posted by mermaid lover on January 24, 2021 at 10:53 am

    hey fin fun wanted to tell you i am part of the mermaid secrets of the deep and well i need a new tail badly need own i dont have any money the one i need is asian magenta is there any way i can get irt totally free the theekholms are paying forit please

  • Posted by Abigail@mermaid on July 17, 2021 at 10:59 pm

    Hello mermaids

  • Posted by Kendra on January 14, 2022 at 10:37 am

    As a creative Aquarius, my favorite colors are purple and turquoise and I love every change I can get to be in water. I love helping dreams and collaboration happen and do tend to keep my head in the clouds. I love my Aquamarine mermaid tale!