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6 Creative Ways to Shell-ebrate International Mermaid Day


International Mermaid Day is on March 29th, so it’s time to start planning your shell-ebration! From throwing a mermaid-themed party to giving back to the environment, here are 6 creative ways to celebrate International Mermaid Day.

Make Mermaid-Inspired Desserts

blue and green cake with frosting scales
Image Source: Preppy Kitchen

Most will agree that you can’t have any sort of celebration without food! There are several different desserts you can make that will remind you of mermaids and the beach. 

If mermaid cakes and cupcakes are your thing, decorate them with mermaid-colored icing and sprinkles. If you have different piping tips, you can even create scales!

Snickerdoodles are always mermazing, and you can quickly turn them into delicious sand dollar cookies. Before you bake the cookies, sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar and place five slivered almonds in the center to form a star.

For drinks, you can transform lemonade into refreshing ocean water! All you need is prepared lemonade and a small amount of blueberry or blackberry puree. You can also add blue food coloring if you’re in a pinch.

Dress Up

Everyone likes an excuse to dress up, right? International Mermaid Day is a day to let your mersona shine! 

Wear mermaid-inspired clothes and accessories and apply your favorite mermaid makeup. Go for beachy waves or a sleek, wet-looking hairstyle that looks like you just came out of the water. (Just don’t trade your voice for a pair of legs!)

Go for a Swim

three girls swimming underwater in Fin Fun Limited Edition mermaid tails

It wouldn’t be a mermaid party if you didn’t wear your favorite swimmable mermaid tail and dive into the water! 

Gather a mercrowd in your area and head to the beach or your local pool. Have fun relaxing with your pod, sharing stories, and making new friends. You can even bring hoops to create a fun obstacle course for everyone to swim through.

If circumstances prevent you from going out, throw a virtual mer-party! You can talk about your favorite tails, swimsuits, and accessories, as well as all things mermaid!

Watch Your Favorite Mermaid Shows

If you’d rather stay in and devour your delicious mermaid desserts, consider watching your favorite mermaid movies and shows in a mermaid blanket

Revisit your first inspiration to create your mersona with The Little Mermaid, H20, Splash, and Aquamarine. There are also plenty of movies that feature merfolk but aren’t the focus, including Peter Pan, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. 

Create a Work of Art

If you’re feeling artistic, you can also spend International Mermaid Day painting, sculpting, or doing other mermaid DIYs. You can even create your own mermaid crown out of seashells and a few other supplies!

Use your new art to decorate your room or locker and it will remind you of mermaids and the beach every time you see it.

Clean Up a Local Beach or Park

three girls in Fin Fun Mermaiden swimwear on a beach

This holiday is the perfect time to spread awareness and take care of the environment. How are merfolk supposed to live when garbage litters our parks and oceans? You can help by gathering your friends and starting a clean up together.

Visit your local beach or park and pick up any trash you see. Make sure to place recyclable, compostable, and trash items in the proper receptacle. Your fish and wilderness friends will thank you for giving them a clean place to live.

Celebrate International Mermaid Day in Your Own Way

If any members of your pod ask, “When is mermaid day?” remind them that it’s March 29th.

Each mermaid and merman is different, and there are plenty of ways everyone can celebrate. You can get out and do good in your neighborhood, or you can stay in with your favorite foods, movies, and art supplies. Who knows, you may discover new aspects of your mersona in the process!

How do you want to spend International Mermaid Day this year?

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  • Posted by Leah Troutman on March 30, 2020 at 9:22 am

    Dye your hair mermaid colors i did

  • Posted by Katherine on March 2, 2021 at 7:20 pm

    Im going to try to dye my hair and have a mermaid tail by then I love mermaids

    • Posted by Fin Fun on March 2, 2021 at 8:29 pm

      That’s so cool! My tail is my #1 priority and my hair is #2 🙂