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Have Fun This Summer in a Mermaid Tail


The 21st of June was the first day of summer! How are you spending time in the sunshine?

If you’re like most mers in the community, you’re looking for every opportunity to wear a mermaid tail and rock your mer-style! Here are some fun activities that you can do this summer in a mermaid tail.

Stretch your fins

Are you a pro at swimming like a mermaid? Put your skills to the test with a mermaid obstacle course! Get your friends or family together and put together a unique course that matches each swimming skill level. 

Some ideas for your course could include swimming through hula hoops and performing tricks along the way. Remember, only perform tricks you’re comfortable with and always have supervision while you’re swimming.

If you have littles in toddler tails, set up a mermaid obstacle course for them on dry land! There are great ideas on Pinterest by Kristi Smiley.

Try some friendly competition

Another way to have fun in the pool is to organize a race! Gather your pod and see who can swim like a mermaid the fastest. You can even experiment to see how much faster you can swim in a tail versus without one!

Once again, always ask an adult to supervise you while you swim.

Become mermaid royalty

Do you like to let your imagination swim wild? Create your own mermaid adventures at the pool or at home. The littles will love playing pretend and becoming a mermaid princess in her make-believe kingdom!

They can create a mersona or pretend to be one of the eight Mermaidens! These thrilling mermaid stories will get their creative juices flowing!

Slip into fun

You can get your fins wet this summer without having a pool! Get a slip ‘n’ slide and slide into a bunch of fun!

You may not be able to run and slide in a mermaid tail, but you can still slide if you have enough water. KidToyTesters on YouTube show that slime is another great way to have fun on a slip ‘n’ slide!

Decide what mermaids eat

Have you ever wondered what mermaids eat? People have endlessly debated mermaid diets on the internet, but the reality is that you get to choose! If you’re a mermaid at heart, you can eat whatever you want!

Take advantage of the sunshine this summer and have a mermaid picnic. Put together your favorite foods, gather your friends, and put on your mermaid tail! 

Show off your style

a woman sitting on a wall and spending her summer in a mermaid tail

When the sun is out and the greenery is lush, you’ve got the perfect background for a mermaid photoshoot. Get all dressed up in your mermaid tail, favorite top, and accessories, and go find the perfect spot! 

You can take individual glam photos and take group pictures with your pod! It’s the perfect way to preserve your memories with your best friends.

Kick off your summer in a mermaid tail!

It’s time to stretch your fins and enjoy summer in a mermaid tail! There’s so much you can do to make your mermaid heart happy both in and out of the water.

What’s your favorite activity to do in a mermaid tail? Let us know in the comments!


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