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Mermaid Crafts for Kids


Trips to the beach and pool are fun, but what happens when the weather isn’t the best for swimming? Reel in your little mers with a whirlpool of mermaid crafts and activities! Whether you save these ideas for a rainy day or get right to work collecting the needed supplies for an afternoon of fun, there’s loads of fun to be had.

Mermaid Lagoon

Does your little mermaid have a big imagination?  The Mermaid’s Lagoon from My Small Potatoes is a great guide for building your very own Mermaid-themed sensory bin for little ones, and lets them explore their senses through play.

Once assembled, just add water for nonstop mermaid fun!

Paper Roll Fish

For a craft that’s cute, fun, and inexpensive, these Paper Roll Fish by The Craft Train fit the bill!

All you need are some scissors, sharpies, paint, googly eyes, and toilet paper rolls to create some sweet little fish friends!

Rocking Mermaid

Paper plates don’t only have to be used for mealtime!  With the Rocking Paper Plate Mermaid from Red Ted Art, they can transform into a cool mermaid craft that’s bound to lead to a rocking good time!

The how-to guide even includes a free printable mermaid template!

Ocean Slime

Fascinated by all things gooey?  Not your average oobleck, this Ocean Slime recipe by Buggy and Buddy is easy to make and provides fun for hours!

Peg Mermaid Dolls

Ever wanted to make your own mermaid?  Now you can with these Peg Mermaid Dolls by Be a Fun Mum.

Not only are they adorable, but being able to add your own unique touch makes them even more special.

Ocean in a Bottle

Need a craft that’s simple and calming?  The Ocean in a Bottle by Happy Hooligans only requires three ingredients, and once finished is beautiful to watch.

A perfect tool for destressing, the patterns made by the oil and water in the bottle are sure to soothe mermaids big and small.

Fork Puffer Fish Craft

As all Little Mermaid fans know, a dinglehopper (or a fork, as landlubbers call it) can be many different things, from an eating utensil to a hairbrush.  Now, with Crafty Morning’s Fork Puffer Fish, you can use your dinglehopper as a paintbrush!

Who knew dinglehoppers could be so versatile?

Mermaid Crown

Every princess needs a crown, and mermaid princesses are no different.  Totally the Bomb’s DIY Mermaid Crown guide will help your little mermaid feel like underwater royalty!

Mermaid Necklace

Need some more mermaid accessories?  Look no further than these Mermaid Necklaces from Mama Papa Bubba!

A simple yet elegant design, this is a craft that little mermaids will flip their fins for!

Play Dough Soap

Want to make bath time more fun?  Sugar, Spice, and Glitter has a  Play Dough Soap  recipe that cleans kids while they play!

If you know of any other mermaid crafts or activities perfect for little mermaids, feel free to share them in the comments!

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