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6 DIY Mermaid Nails to Match Your Scales


Piece together a look for your mersona with mermaid nails! They’ll pair perfectly with your swimmable mermaid tail, and you can rep your mermaid look when on land too. These six mermaid nail art designs come with tutorials, so any mer can rock the look of their dreams!

Try your hand at freehand

Do you have a steady hand? If so, you can paint mermaid scales on your nails without using fancy tools and stencils. These three nail art tutorials show that even imperfect scales look amazing with a dash of glitter and topcoat!

the front and back view of the Northern Lights Atlantis mermaid tail

1. These beachy blue and green nails will sparkle just like your glistening mermaid tail! And the painted white scales highlight each glittering color. Feel free to change up the colors to match your unique scales, but this color scheme matches the Northern Lights Atlantis mermaid tail beautifully!

the pastel rainbow mermaid tail from Fin Fun next to their patented monofin

2. If you’re a pastel mermaid, this mermaid nails DIY tutorial is for you! These nails feature beautiful pastel pink, purple, yellow, and teal, as well as gorgeous flecks of holographic glitter. It also matches the Sweet Dreams Limited Edition mermaid tail!

the front and back of the blue and bronze tail that matches the mermaid nails in the tutorial

3. These nails look fresh from the beach with hues reminiscent of the ocean meeting the sand. Add the same shell and pearl-like additions like this tutorial, and your nails will look just like your favorite seaside vacation spot! If you want to match your tail with this look, try the Bronzed Emerald Limited Edition tail or Bronzed Sapphire Atlantis tail.

Be a sucker for scale stickers

If you have access to nail art stencil stickers, you can easily make your nails look professional. As these mermaid nail art tutorials demonstrate, this method is incredibly versatile!

the blue, sea green, and pink Fiji Fantasy mermaid tail next to a Fin Fun monofin

4. Your nails can bring the mermaid vibes without having every nail painted with scales. This tutorial uses gold and glitter nail polish to make your nails look like you’ve dipped them in the sand. You can change the colors however you wish, but this color scheme is the perfect match to the Fiji Fantasy Limited Edition tail!

the refreshed Asian Magenta Mermaidens tail next to Fin Fun's monofin

5. Be adventurous with these watercolor mermaid nails! A stencil allows you to add the colors you want and play with them without fear of messing up the look. This color scheme is also fitting if you want to match the Asian Magenta Mermaidens tail’s refreshed design!

Revamp your scales with a stamp

a mermaid tail with dragon scales next to a Fin Fun monofin

6. If you have nail art stamps, you can make all your mermaid nail ideas come to life! This tutorial uses glittery blue and teal polish to create a look as mysterious as the ocean’s depths, which is a great pair to the Ice Dragon Limited Edition tail!

Match your mermaid nails to your Fin Fun tail!

With the perfect nails to match your mermaid tail, you’re ready to dive into another adventure and make waves! These tutorials are great for mers of all skill levels, so give it a shot and share your results with us on social media. Be sure to tag us, @FinFunMermaid, so we see it!

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  • Posted by Mermaid Coral on October 28, 2020 at 1:00 pm

    How Fintastic are these! So i found out that the tail that you’ve made called Fiji Fantasy is actually the exact same as my tail! So i would defidently do those for my nails. The only problem is we don’t have nail paint under the sea. Oh well maybe i could find some one day.

    • Posted by Fin Fun on October 29, 2020 at 11:38 am

      Perhaps you can borrow some from a human when they’re not paying attention at the beach!

  • Posted by mermaid lover on November 1, 2020 at 4:13 pm

    i love th nails i did it for halloween and wow it is amazing

    • Posted by Fin Fun on November 2, 2020 at 8:36 am

      Fintastic!! We’re so glad you like them!

  • Posted by mermaid lover on November 10, 2020 at 6:00 pm

    o my tail fin you guys i have never entered the mermaid tail design contest and i might enter may the best mermaid win.